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band hero

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gamerteen88 said...
All of you should play band hero even some of the songs are a little weird it's one of the best games i have played
Band Hero

Band Hero (X360)

Genre/Style: Simulation/Musical Instrument/Band Simulation
Release Date: 03/NOV/09
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Being an avid music game fan I still cannot make myself play this game strictly because of the setlist. It is less exciting than Guitar Hero 5, and that is saying a lot.
that is true and i can go with u on that
I pledged allegiance to Rock band, except for DJ Hero. I am boycotting Band Hero cause it basically rips off the "Rock Band" title although band is a common name, just saying that even if they wanted to keep "hero" and that being a band game would make it obvious to call it band hero, I still find that the name was secretly planned to be a direct attack toward Rock Band.
i can be with you on that the only reason they probly put in band hero was to have something new yes rockband is good rockband lego is not as good as band hero i love the rockband series as much as any other person,
The whole genre is fading for me, I keep getting DLC as long as it is good but with GreenDay Rock Band coming this year and GH:VanHalen being given away for free for the first month GH5 was out I don't have high hopes for the franchise. It is reaching Tony Hawk Ride levels of embarrassment.
Putting out a new entry on an old engine was a mistake from the get-go. And GH Metallica was better made. Eddie Van Halen is a rock god of the guitar, Van Halen the band? Not so great.
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